Rasmussen explains

Alex Rasmussen, formerly of HTC-Highroad,  who was recently suspended by Danish cycling union after receiving three warnings from UCI for missing whereabouts has explained his side. It appears that he is an unorganised and a sloppy fellow who “couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery.” All this is jolly and good but we’re talking about a professional career here and not some guy missing his birthday party. As we all know, that one has to sacrifice quite a lot to get a professional contract in cycling and Rasmussen was racing for one of the top teams in the world. There are hundreds of young riders who would give anything to swap places with him.

But it appears that it’s not a big deal for Rasmussen as he has cited his callous attitude to be the reason behind missing three out-of-competition doping controls. Being a HTC-Highroad fan, I’m happy to read the news but then it raises serious question about Rasmussen’s commitment to the sport and his team. I would imagine a professional cyclist to be an extremely alert person when it comes to obeying the UCI rules but looks like our man is not one of them. In the pro-peloton it is already very hard to believe people about their stance on doping and against this as backdrop, I don’t buy Rasmussen’s story. I would be happy to be proven wrong but I don’t see it happening.